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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

AdWords Video Campaigns Now Get To Play With The Big Boys

Video campaigns used to be secluded, given their own little tab, which was often hidden in the bottom-left corner of the AdWords screen, unlikely to be seen by most ordinary advertisers. Now they're being upgraded and unified with the rest of AdWords. Hooray!

Why video campaigns were treated like the clumsy kid who wasn't allowed to play with the big boys was never explained, and is probably something no one even at Google knows or thought about.

One thing was obvious, the video advertising system worked differently and evolved more rapidly than regular AdWords campaigns do. So, perhaps it made sense to keep it separate. However, that didn't explain why it was placed so far down the list - was video advertising not as high a priority as Google always made it out to be publicly?

Easy Upgrade

Now advertisers can upgrade their account to unify video campaigns and other campaign types in one place. It will take less than 5 minutes and a couple of clicks, but the process is painless. All the current video campaigns and campaign statistics, settings, and remarketing lists also get carried over to the upgraded view.

Easy Management

All campaign types within AdWords now appear in one location. Advertisers can select the campaign types they wish to view by clicking on the drop down menu shown in the screenshot below.

A new pair of tabs - 'Videos' and 'Video targeting' are added onto the AdWords menu to allow advertisers to view and adjust their campaigns and targeting settings.

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