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Thursday, 4 June 2015

What Happens in Vegas Stays on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...

These days there's almost no such thing as being able to get away with disgraceful or embarrassing antics at work or when you're away. If you leave any kind of discernible digital footprint, social media will be able to name you and shame you!

Here are some examples:

1. On Wednesday last week, 'poor Madonna' went viral on Twitter went the singer was literally pulled off the BRITS 2015 stage by an overly zealous cape. The Armani cape was supposed to fall off her shoulders but it had been tied too tightly, and to save herself from being choked in front of millions of people, she instead collapsed..

A CCTV image of the couple was posted to Mojo’s Facebook page and has been shared thousan

2. In Western Australia, a CCTV camera witnessed a young couple ordering tonnes of food and wine - to the sum of $230. Trouble is, they didn't pay for any of it! On the 22nd February, Mojo's took action and posted an image of the couple onto their Facebook page, which has about 4,000 followers. To their happy surprise, the image went viral and garnered more than 31,000 shares in just a few days. Here's what they wrote:

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